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Dental Implants | Dr. Kamil - Ottawa Dental Surgery

November 19, 2014 | Posted in Bone and Gum Grafting, Dental Implants | Be the first one to comment

Regardless of the fact that dental care has seen many improvements, millions of people suffer from tooth loss—mostly as a result of tooth decay, gingivitis, old age or some kind of injury. The only treatment option for people with tooth loss was dentures or bridges, but today dental implants are available.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are replacement artificial roots made from titanium metal. The root is inserted into the jawbone in order to replace the root of the natural tooth that has been lost. The implant is the anchor that holds the replacement tooth in place. In the need for fixed/permanent teeth, implants provide a strong foundation, and in the need of removable replacement teeth, they are made to match the look of your natural teeth.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

With their main intention to offset the problems caused by tooth loss, dental implants impose many advantages:
  • Because they look and feel like your own teeth, they become permanent and improve appearance, speech and comfort.
  • With missing teeth, eating can become strenuous and more work, however, as dental implants are like your own teeth, they enable eating with confidence and without pain.
  • They also improve oral health, are durable and are convenient.  

Who can get Dental Implants?

In many of the cases, dental implants can be considered for anyone who is healthy enough to undergo routine dental extraction or oral surgery. However, patients should have healthy gums and enough bone so that the dental implants can be held in place. Nonetheless, when considering dental implants, dental hygiene must be practiced and regular dental visits must be maintained. Before a decision regarding dental implants can be made, people need to be evaluated on an individual basis. Talk to your Dr. Abou-Kheir to determine if they are right for you.

How are Dental Implants done?

The process of obtaining a dental implant is simple. Dr. Abou-Kheir will be doing these five simple steps:
  1. The process begins by inserting the dental implant into the jawbone.
  2. An abutment, a connecting element, is next attached to the implant, which connects the artificial tooth to the implant.
  3. Next, an artificial tooth is attached to the abutment. However, several appointments are taken needed in order to get the tooth properly fitted.
  4. In order to replace one or more teeth, a fixed bridge is anchored to dental implants.
  5. Lastly, a fixed bridge is anchored to the dental implants in order to replace all the teeth.

Some more on Dental Implants

Many people who have received dental implants in the past attest that it is not a painful process, as local anesthesia is applied, and many even say that they are less of a pain than tooth extraction.  However, in order to decrease the pain, mild pain relief medications can be used. Since dental implants resemble natural teeth, they need to be taken care of likewise. Although rare, there is still a possibility of complications such as bleeding, infections, or numbness. It is also possible to have an unsuccessful implant in some cases if the bone wasn’t able to bond properly. Most importantly, it is necessary to visit your dentist, Dr. Abou-Kheir on a regular basis in order to avoid any sort of discomfort or complications.
If you or someone you know needs a dental implant, get in contact with Dr. Abou-Kheir today. We are conveniently located right on Bank Street here in Ottawa and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the process. 

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